B2C eCommerce with Salesforce and Magento 2 (Enterprise Plan)

B2C eCommerce with Salesforce and Magento 2 (Enterprise Plan)

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ForceGento provides two way integration for Customers, Products and Orders.

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Magento 2 to Salesforce CRM Integration

ForceGento is an extension which helps to easily link the Salesforce and Magento 2 with generic feature which are needed for any business who works on CRM and Ecommerce independently. ForceGento enterprise plan provides a two way sync data from Magento 2 to Salesorce and vice versa.

With ForceGento, customers, orders, products and inventory is synced between Magento 2 and Salesforce. Magento 2 to Salesforce integration made easy. Flexibly map data on both applications depending on your business needs. Integrate orders, products, customers, inventory in Magento 2 with Salesforce.

Salesforce is a cloud computing and social enterprise Software as a Service provider. Salesforce today is one of the most flexible and powerful web based databases available on the market. Salesforce CRM service is broken down into several broad categories: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Data Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Collaboration Cloud (including Chatter), Analytics Cloud and Custom Cloud (including Force.com).


  1.     Bi Directional Synchronization.
  2.     Customer Synchronization.
  3.     Product Synchronization.
  4.     Tier Price Products Synchronization.
  5.     Associated Products Synchronization.
  6.     Product Inventory Synchronization.
  7.     Order Synchronization.
  8.     Real Time Synchronization.
  9.     Abandon Cart Product will get sync to Salesforce.
  10.     Wishlist Product will get sync to Salesforce.
  11.     Multi-website support.


    Disable the compilation mode
    Unpack all the contents of an archive to the main Magento project directory
    Clear your cache

Minimum Requirements

    PHP >= 7.0
    Source Guardian extension enabled
    Soap extension enabled
    Curl extension enabled
    Salesforce account with API level access

Installation / User Manual

Installation and user manual document included